Dead Floating Lovers


"A shudder passed through me. I could smell trouble coming. Dolly attracted it and I would get the fall out again. My day was all planned. Today was for going over my checkbook and figuring out how many months I had left of food money, while still paying my bills. Summer taxes would be coming in August. I had to prepare. Today was for calling editors I knew at northern Michigan magazines and pitching articles. Maybe calling my friend, Bill Corcoran, at the Traverse City Northern Statesman, to see if I could get more stringer work. Something had to be done about my pathetic bank account. The money my father left me was going fast. Id come up here from Ann Arbor, after the divorce, with what I considered a good stake, certain I would soon sell a novel that would bring a million. I figured that at thirty-four all it would take was one best seller to set me up for life. What editor could resist such quality? Such amazing intelligence? Such creative spirit?

Seemed everybody could."